PI Hard with a Vengeance

A novice explores the Raspberry Pi.


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List of hardware in use on my experimenter’s bench:

  1. 1x Raspberry Pi model B Revision 2 – 700Mhz 512Mb Ram
  2. 1x OSEPP UNO R3 Plus (Arduino ATmega328P compatible)
  3. 1x SainSmart Mega 2560
  4. 1x SainSmart Sensor Shield Module V5
  5. 1x SainSmart 4WD Drive Aluminum Mobile Car Robot Platform
  6. 1x SainSmart L298N Dual H Bridge DC Motor Driver
  7. 1x SainSmart Ultrasonic Module HC-SR04 Distance Sensor
  8. 1x Sainsmart 4-Channel 5V Relay Module for Arduino
  9. 1x Sainsmart 2-Channel 5V Relay Module for Arduino
  10. 1x 2.5×7 inch Proboard ProtoType Breadboard
  11. 1x Pi Face (PiFace) Digital Interface Expansion Board for Raspberry Pi
  12. 1x Edimax EW-7811Un 150 Mbps Wireless 11n Nano Size USB Adapter
  13.  1x HiTec HS-605mg High Speed, Metal Gear Servo
  14. 4x Futaba FP-S14B Indirect Drive Servos
  15. Futaba FP-R127DF 7 Channel FM Receiver
  16. JR G410T Piezo Gyro

updated 5-22-2013


Written by pihard

April 22, 2013 at 7:30 am

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  1. […] have started a new page off of this main one as well, titled hardware. Listing all of the parts I am currently working with.  I will try and post some pictures and […]

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